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Property #5 Limon

$250,000 - Lands, Lands, Lands, Lands, Lands, Lots, Lots, Lots, Lots, Lots

ID: 15007   Location: Limon Land Use: Industrial, Residential Distance from the property to the main road is 1.4 km, or less than a mile.…

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Property in Limon


ID: 15006   Lot Size: 5 HA, or 12.35 acres Location: Mohin Land Use: Low density. Lots of 1,000 m2 are permitted. Dirt type: coral…

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Property #2 Limon


ID: 15004   Lot size: 10 HA, or 24.7 acres. Location: Santa Rosa, Limon Land Use: Agriculture, livestock, or industrial PRICE: $300,000

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Land in Santa Rosa Limon

For Sale, For Sale, For Sale, For Sale, For Sale, For Sale, For Sale, For Sale, For Sale

ID: 15003   Information: Area: 710000+ sq ft (6.6 hectares) Location: Santa Rosa, Limón Price: $4 m2

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Offices in Limon for sale

For Rent, For Rent
$100,000 - Commercial, Offices, Offices, Offices

ID: 14021   Information: Area: 1297 m2, Location: Limón Cahuita, Offices

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1297 6 Garages

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