With the construction of the new Convention Center, Costa Rica will have all the qualities to become a regional reference for business tourism and conventions.

Having a greater presence in this area of tourism could cause Costa Rica to move in a market that annually generates $ 11 billion and just over 120 thousand meetings in different countries.

In fact, from 2011 to 2015 the number of foreigners who came to the country on business issues grew by almost 40 percent.

Currently, Costa Rica is ranked 56th in the ranking of the best places to hold congresses globally, according to the most recent report of the International Association of Congresses and Conventions.

On the other hand, entering this tourist niche would bring benefits to the other areas, since many of the participants of the congresses take advantage of the days before and after the meetings to make tours.

It would also affect the local economy directly and indirectly by generating foreign investment, employment and improvement of public services, as well as publicizing other destinations in the country, by means of the word of mouth recommendation.

The goal is that at least 5 percent of the tourists that come to the country annually are exclusively for these events, and that gradually this figure will increase as conditions develop.

The process of inclusion to this niche market is what the Ministry of Tourism is getting involved in, then it would continue to make strategic alliances with the private sector and participation in international fairs of this type of tourism, among others.

There will also be advertising campaigns specialized in world tourism media.

Once the work is completed, resources must be managed to increase the level of human capital working in this sector, in addition to granting benefits such as international certifications and specializations.

“The country had to wait more than ten years for a work that takes a year to build. The National Center for Congresses and Conventions has been a priority for the current administration, because we know that beyond a property, is setting a precedent in the history of tourism in Costa Rica, in order to compete in the global industry of meetings ” , Affirmed Mauricio Ventura, minister of Tourism.

Source: http://www.centralamericalink.com