One again Costa Rica is included in the top ten of the world’s best places to retire in 2017 by International Living.

International Living stated: “For just over a quarter of a century, International Living has ranked rated and named the best retirement destinations in the world. Each year we’ve redefined and improved the process, bringing new categories and considerations into play, gathering new data, and asking more and better questions of a greater number of expats”.

For 2017 this source has narrowed the list down to 24 countries that are considered among the best places to retire in the world, taking into consideration different aspects such as: security, cost of living, climate, healthcare, etc.

Among the top ten they cite three Central American countries: Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua; the first two are actually in the top five.

Here is the list of best retirement destinations in 2017 according to International Living:

  1. Mexico: Has held the first position for 14 years in a row with a final score of 90.9 and it’s higher score was of 97 in the individual category of Entertainment & Amenities.
  2. Panama: Ranked best in the category of Benefits and Discounts
  3. Ecuador: Also had a great score in Benefits and Discounts as well as Climate
  4. Costa Rica: The country’s best score was in the category of Healthy Lifestyle and Healthcare
  5. Colombia: Best punctuation was for Healthy Lifestyle
  6. Malaysia: Scored well under Healthcare and also Entertainment & Amenities
  7. Spain: Its best category is Infrastructure followed by Entertainment & Amenities
  8. Nicaragua: Obtained a 97 in Buying & renting , Healthy Lifestyle and Cost of Living
  9. Portugal: This country ranked best under infrastructure
  10. Malta: Its best score is in the category “Fitting In”.

Mexico is home to over 1 million Americans and is considered the best place for retirement due to its convenient location, low-cost of living (as little as $1,200 a month) and the “balance of exotic foreign culture and familiar first-world lifestyle.

Costa Rica continues to excel in the areas of healthcare and healthy lifestyle; the increase in medical, dental and wellness tourism are witness to this.