MBC was born in Costa Rica with the mission of being a REAL ESTATE SERVICES COMPANY OF HIGH QUALITY, prioritizing customer needs and meeting them with great interest and dedication. Therefore MBC is a team working with satisfied customers to form a better company every day.

The principles that guide our company, MBC Real Estate, are: trust, accountability and quality of service. Our goal is that the products and advice at MBC reach the largest possible number of people, always providing an efficient real estate service as the main goal.

Attached to these principles we have tried to be at the forefront of technological and scientific development, offering our customers a portfolio of properties that includes: virtual promotion on our website, listing real estate (Small Estate CCCBR), market research, appraisals, consulting investment management, financial advisory (escrow) and other services.

We also have a team prepared and always ready to advise the owner or buyer client in all legal, financial and documentation details involved in a real estate negotiation. We are sure that every client, national or foreign, in need of a qualified agent to sell their property or make an investment in real estate in Costa Rica will feel safe to go to MBC, your trusted real estate company.