It is ideal investigate the destination to better predict the travel agenda and know what to visit

Defining a budget and choosing a destination, whether national, international, colony or beach, is part of the planning necessary to make a first backpacking trip.

According to the youth tourism organization Mundo Joven, this experience is an adventure that requires detachment from the material, get out of the ​​comfort area and planning.

Among the advice is to select a destination in low or medium season and book in advance; if the trip is weekend, between two and four weeks is enough, while for long and international trips, the best is two months in advance.

Another option in lodging is to look for hostels, where, according to Mundo Joven, the cost is considerably lower and the fun increases, so it has become very popular among young people since instead of rooms they have dormitories that they share with others Travellers.

Once you have selected the destination, the dates and the number of people that will travel, whether alone, as a couple or in a group, you have to select the transport, for which you have to make budgets and thus decide if you travel by plane, Own vehicle or even rent a van.

Also call to investigate the destination to better plan the trip schedule, to know what to visit, where to eat or what place is fashionable to go dancing; After which, the activities to be performed should be defined.

Likewise Mundo Joven recommends packing only the necessary clothing based on the time of the year in which they will travel, in addition you can find on the Internet some useful videos to organize a suitcase like a backpacker.

The organization encourages backpackers to keep in touch with friends and family to ensure that they are well, and to take out insurance for any situation that may arise.